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ARS 2706974 (be)

CD ARS 2706974 (UMG) [be] / EAN 0602527069746
1. I Hate You Now
2. Sacrifice Me
3. Easy Way Out
4. One Of Us
5. God's Mistake
6. Rise Again
7. Foreign Affair
8. Time Won't Wait
9. It Takes Two
10. Hungry Heart
11. Typical Guy
12. How Could I Be So Wrong
13. Too Much Love
14. Sylver feat. John Miles - Music
15. One World One Dream

SylverSylver: Discographie / Fan werden
Angel On My Shoulder
City Of Angels
Dance With Loneliness
Don't Call Me
Drowning In My Tears
Easy Way Out
Except Me
Foreign Affair
Forever In Love
God's Mistake
Half As Much
Heal My Heart
How Could I Be So Wrong
Hungry Heart
I Hate You Now
In Your Eyes
Insomnia (Lasgo, Milk Inc. & Sylver)
It Takes Two
It's My Life
Je ne sais pas
Keep Your Hands
Lay All Your Love On Me
Little Things
Livin' My Life
Love Is An Angel
Make It
Music (Sylver feat. John Miles)
Mystery Of Tomorrow
Never Ever
On My Own
One Night Stand
One Of Us
One World One Dream
Rise Again
Sacrifice Me
Say No
Seven Tears
Shallow Water
So Afraid
Stop Feeling Sorry
Summer Solstice
Take Me Back
Thank You
The Edge Of Life
The End
The One
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Time Won't Wait
Too Much Love
Turn The Tide (Liquid feat. Silvy)
Turn The Tide
Turn The Tide 2010
Turn Your Love Around
Typical Guy
Weeping Willows
Where Did I Go Wrong
Where Did The Love Go
Who Am I
Why Worry
Wild Horses
You And I
Best Of - The Hit Collection 2001-2007
Decade - The Very Best Of
Little Things
Nighttime Calls
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.5 (Reviews: 12)
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Also es ist mir echt unerklärlich wie das Vocal-Trance Duo von einst so tief sinken kann. Von Album zu Album eine Entwicklung nach hinten. Die Kompositionen klingen unausgefeilt und lieblos, die Sounds oft einfach nur billig überholt. Schade schade, mehr als eine 3 kann ich nicht vergeben zumal die zwei Karriere-Supergaus (jeweils 2*) auf diesem Album vertreten sind (How Could I Be So Wrong + Hungry Heart). Die wenigen wirklich guten Lichtblicke zwingen mich zu einer guten 3.

Highlights: One Of Us / Time Won't Wait / Music (feat. John Miles)
Perfect music for ambienting a divorce...

This is the first good thing of this album. The lyrics, most of them, angry and hurt lyrics, which is nice, of course this aren't the kind of strong or even dark lyrics that could be, and some of them are very childish, like Typical Guy...

In the other hand, this is electronic Dance music, so rythm, beats and sounds are what matter, and this is an aspect on which Sylver goes to other level.
Sacrifice Me, the best song of the album, has those cold Sylver old sounds and the perfect Dance beat plus nice lyrics. I'm lovin' it.
Easy Way Out with it's strong bass and rythm, plus the vocal talent of Silvy is another highlight of the album. The breakdown could be stronger, but quite good for a Dance song.
God's Mistake...mmm...it sounds like a Milk Inc. song, but i don't have complains about this, the beggining and the style of this song is so 90's....awesome.

Other highlight is It Takes Two, a fresh and very catchy song, i like the lyrics too, and Silvy's voice goes perfect with the beats and the rythm, plus some melodic effect. I like how this beggins. It makes you feel like in a club.

Thank You...is another awesome song from this album, it beggins mad, then it moves to an old Sylver sound and in the chorus again the madness plus some bass...awesome way to mix cold sounds and some bass in the chorus, plus it's energy and beats, great Dance song, must be single.

How Could I Be So Wrong...a minimal/housey/progressive song that is awesome...yes...those Deadmau5 loops which are a cliché in Progressive Trance fit awesome in a Sylver song, is like if Gareth Emery made a Dance track...great rarety on this album.

And the 3 singles, I Hate You Now, Rise Again and One World One Dream of course are awesome too,I Hate You Now has a very crunchy sound, Rise Again very hopeful and melodic while One World One Dream is an awesome speeded Dance song.

Music is a nice effort but i didn't like it, Typical Guy has a good rythm but the lyrics ruined it, One Of Us beggins strong but then loses it's way in the slow beats that go with the chorus, it has cold sounds but it just loses it's way.

Time Won't Wait...is ok, reminds me Alexia's Goodbye, and the scratches sound like Tiesto's Flight 643...
Hungry Heart...makes me feel like in the 80's, it has awesome effects and background sounds, i like it.
Foreign Affair, is ok, like an experiment...but for single i say no. Very slow but here you can appreciate her vocal talent. The beggining is nice with those percusions but this would be miles better if it were speeded up like One World One Dream.

In conclusion, this an awesome and very complete album, with divorce lyrics, Dance beats, fresh sounds, some nice loops and effects, all this mixed with the old Sylver sound...the result is a very futuristic album, that shows how to make a great electronic music album without selling your soul to Progressive or Electrohouse...
There are some songs that just didn't fit in my style (Music, Too Much Love) but that doesn't make them bad.

And yes, this deserves 6 stars, cause today in electornic music almost everything is about Progressive (which is a very boring and soulless sub genre) or Electro (which is very popular and quite nice and creative, but soulless too).
So there's almost no attention and space for Trance (real Trance like the Uplifting and not that progressive like Inpetto/Airbase/Armin music) and Dance music...but Sylver shows how to make a Dance album today without selling your soul to Electro or Progressive.
And the commercial music (full of rap and rnb plus teenager "artists") goes crappier and shittier each month.

So in Trance and Dance we trust...also in Sylver...thank you for this album.

Zuletzt editiert: 20.05.2009 03:55
Besonders in der ersten Hälfte sind mir zu viele schwermütige und teils schwerfällige Songs. Die besseren Songs ("Rise Again", "Time Won't Wait", "Music" und "One World One Dream") retten die knappe 4.
Bestenfalls durchschnittliches Album. Ich teile Sacred's Review zu 100%.

Meine Album-Bilanz: 15 Songs, davon

3 starke Songs
4 mäßige Songs
8 schwache Tracks

Einen Topsong (6er Bewertung) gibt es auf dem Album aus meiner Sicht nicht.
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